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Included in this Gallery is some of the recent art work created by Ed Kucera.

Click on any image to the right for a larger view, and details. Or press the "Next" link above, and continue to scroll through the Gallery.

Recent works are shown below in alphabetical order by title.

  Angle of Pursuit As A Matter of Fact
  As Dawn Breaks Bonnet in the Wind
  Bridges Are For Trains Business As Usual
  Business Is Good Crossing the Pond
  Decorated Den Mother
  Dicey Descent Distant Glance
  Guardian Her Grandson
  Her Painted Pony Highlander
  His Eminence Just Chillin
  Life On the Edge Master & Commander
  Mildly Sophisticated Mother and Daughter
  Mother to Be New Bandana
  Nobody's Fool On the Down Low
  One Man's Treasure Outmanned
  Packing Down Painted Sioux
  Rain Delay Rag Tag Regiment
  Range Rover Remnants
  Settler's Sunrise Sioux Elder
  Streamers Summer Camp Sunrise
  Summer Harvest The Law
  The Looking Glass The River Keeps No Secrets
  Treading Lightly Watching the Sunset
  Water Break Wrangler Ascending
  Wrangler's Paradise  

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